We started Full Current to be the anti-agency. So we ditched the smoke and mirrors, the unclear deliverables, and the vague invoicing. But we kept the strategy, the passion, and over 30 combined years of strategic marketing expertise.

Our proven process draws on the vision of your leadership, feedback from your customers, and the passion of your team to build a focused brand strategy and targeted implementation plan.


Research & Discovery

Together, we figure out how we can help your brand truly succeed.We’ll review available background data, discuss your goals, consult with key stakeholders and agree on a scope of work.




Our facilitated strategy workshops help craft the framework of your brand, focusing on positioning, customer definition, key attributes and marketing themes.



Now we're ready for the magic. Our team of top creatives lays out stylescapes, sketches wireframes, builds design systems and drafts tactics. We focus on working collaboratively with your team to gain feedback and fine-tune each step of the process.



Even the best strategy can fall flat if it's not supported through implementation. Our team remains in lock-step with you as together we roll out market-side tactics through digital and traditional mediums.


Measure & Optimize

Results only matter if they can be measured. Once your project hits the market, we work with you to monitor, measure and optimize performance.

Want to get the best out of your brand together?

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