Xtract AI

A brand revolution aimed at demystifying artificial intelligence.

Xtract AI
Strategy, Brand, Web

Xtract AI is a Vancouver based artificial intelligence firm focused on helping domain experts from a wide range of fields find better ways to overcome challenges using innovative AI solutions.


The primary objective for the brand strategy at Xtract AI was to take a humanistic approach to marketing and communications. The tech world, and especially the AI sector, is riddled with unfocused brands speaking in hyperbole and marketing tropes - we aimed to strip back the jargon and cliches.

Our teams focused on dialling in the value proposition and highlighting how Xtract AI is dedicated to the development of innovative-yet-accessible AI solutions which empower clients to make smarter decisions.


What if we built the brand strategy around the central organizing theme of ‘people-first AI solutions?’

With our big idea solidified, we began the brand expression process including creative writing and content strategy, visual identity development and collateral design overhaul across all touch points.


We revealed Xtract AI’s rebrand at the end of 2020 and the feedback from both the client and industry has been very positive. A comprehensive package of deliverables was developed for Xtract including brand strategy, creative messaging, visual identity, sales collateral, lead campaigns and much more.

Full Current modernized our brand, took time to understand our needs, then created a modern look that our team is proud of. They made the process easy – it was like working with an extension of our team.
Louise Johnson
Director of Marketing