TransGrid Solutions

Overhauling the strategy, visual identity, collateral and website for Canada's leading power engineering firms.

TransGrid Solutions
Positioning, Logo and Web


As consultants to some of the world's leading utility companies, power engineering giants, and international governments, TransGrid plays a major role in providing  sound recommendations and clear counsel when it comes to multi-billion dollar energy projects. As such, they need to be trusted and relied on to ensure mistakes aren't made.

Through our facilitated research and workshop planning, we began to work on the central idea that TGS provides peace of mind to their clients. Whether it is traditional HVDC, or renewables such as solar and wind, TransGrid knows how to move power from point A to B. They are the Peace of Mind Engineers.


The results of our research and strategy process came in the form of a clear roadmap which helped TGS define; core customer, brand attributes, positioning statement, central organizing theme, and key messaging.

This became the foundation upon which Full Current began to design a fresh new identity through stylescape explorations, collateral material including stationary, tradeshow displays and sales brochures. And finally we built a from-scratch website that runs on a WordPress CMW, HTML 5 and CSS3coding standards, and meets Manitoba's new accessibility act for digital rights (WCAG 2.0, A).