RTDS Technologies

Revamp the brand from its roots up by breathing in sophistication and modernity, to clearly cement RTDS Technologies at the leading edge of the industry.


Ensure the brand and its new website, speaks to C-suite decision makers, without losing sight of the engineers that use the product. RTDS is an engineering company through-and-through. Because of that, its marketing materials often spoke directly to engineers, with highly detailed technical information. While it was important to maintain a high-level of technical prowess, the new website and materials needed to better speak to business leaders and institutions looking to purchase a simulator. It needed to do a better job of selling itself.


After an in-depth research & discovery process with all stakeholder groups, we developed the new brand around the theme of 'precision & accuracy' – noting that its these characteristics that clearly separate RTDS from its competition. The new visual identity is crisp and stripped back, to be evoke a fresh contemporary look & feel, while putting focus on the product and content itself. There was a strong emphasis on incorporating humanistic elements into collateral, to soften the rigid technical content with real-world application visuals.