Striving to make gender parity the new norm in tech.

Tech Manitoba / Maven
Brand Expression / Social Media

The Maven community is built by people passionate about equality in tech.


Maven is made up of a community of people that are encouraging gender parity in the tech work place. This relates to both men and women, the main goal of Maven is for leaders and managers of tech work places to encourage advancement of women and girls to consider this as a viable career option. Maven needed someone they could trust to translate this message.


Maven had a visual brand that was old and outdated. We needed to design a visual identity system as an evolution from the existing brand, using similar graphic elements, while updating colour palette and typography standards.


Working in tandem with the Maven team at Tech Manitoba, we developed an evolved visual identity system to better represent gender parity in tech.

We explored a more modern take on typography and colour palette combinations. We also enhanced the elements from the already existing visual brand, giving everything an evolved, fresher look and feel.