Grape Experiential

Collaborating with our strategic partner and experiential agency, Grape, to build its visual identity from scratch.

Grape Experiential
Brand Identity


Being an experiential marketing company with an acute eye for detail and endless creativity – they had a vision for the look & feel and chose us as the design partner that could make it happen.

It was important for the founders to show off their roots in arts and culture, while also looking buttoned-up enough to go after global clients. The logo pulls inspiration from graffiti to reflect their world, balanced with a crisp, bold sans-serif; creating a visual identity that's versatile and adventurous.


After completing our stylescape design process, we presented several variations of both the logo itself, as well as brand expressions in the form of typography, colour palettes, imagery and layout.

The logo places heavy emphasis on the word "Grape" to allow the wordmark to stand on its own, whether specific applications, or to be easily tagged on to future ventures.

Warm, earth-derived tones were important to capture sensory feelings and connections, yet saturated enough to contrast. These colours work in tandem with a graphic and image palette that hyper-stylizes natural textures, to activate as many senses as possible.