Designing Manitoba's leading tech event brand identity.

Tech Manitoba
Logo, Messaging, Collateral

For this project, Tech Manitoba engaged us to redesign the visual identity for their signature event, Disrupted.


The event is now in its fifth year and the stakeholders at Tech Manitoba wanted to bold new look to help grow attendance, increase sponsorship and attract bigger keynote speakers.‚Äč


Once we finished strategic planning our teams collaborated on the central themes of 'The Human Side of Tech', choosing to focus not just on software and hardware, but the people working hard behind the tech innovations that are changing our society.


The design needed to be modern, exciting and visual striking to stand out in a crowded market for conferences and events.

Through the use of striking images of human faces from across various walks of life, Full Current created hero images, social media graphics and experimental typography that is as diverse as the stakeholder groups across the industry. Reinforcing the central theme and helping to reach our set of goals.