Rebuilding a Canadian leader in food, feed and seed grains, from the ground-up

Zeghers Canada needed to be represented as a comprehensive global operation, with a brand image that reinforces every aspect of pure, clean, safe food and feed.

Canada is seen around the world as a premium food supplier, and at the heart of the country is a section of land called the goldilocks zone. Zeghers Canada and many of their partners are located at the epicentre of this zone and provide the purest, cleanest food to over 20 countries. We needed to build a new brand from the ground-up for Zeghers, which highlighted their great products and greater brand story, through creative messaging, video, photography and design. 

We began our process with thorough research, in our discovery phase. We ran depth interviews with senior leadership, completed a company-wide survey, talked to customer partners, then held a full-day workshop with the core team to dive into the findings. We then moved into the define phase, the end-result of which was a corporate strategic plan that was rooted in sound thinking and reflected back what the market felt to be true of the Zeghers brand. 

We then moved into the design phase, and began building out a visual identity that was on-point with the research and strategy. The final visual identity is fresh and contemporary, and tastefully makes a nod to the homeland that makes Zeghers products so sought after. We were proud to help launch the brand and corporate video at a partner appreciation event.

Off-the-back of the successful new identity, we then moved on to build for Zeghers Canada a mobile-responsive, CRM-integrated website that acts as a central-source for product and company information. In addition, we've built on a content strategy that has fuelled organic traffic, and sits at the centre of their social media strategy as well. 

Project Scope

Brand Research

Corporate Strategic PlaNNING

Visual Identity

User Experience

Information Architecture

Website Design and Development

Video Production

Content Strategy

Social Media Management

Marketing and Communications